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Established in 2006 Solarcon was designed as a combination between Airconditioning and Solar water heating.

12 Years later Solarcon grew to a company that can provide the customer with the following:

  1. Airconditioning (Including DVM systems)
  2. Residential and Large Scale Solar Water Heating Applications.
  3. Residential and Large Scale Heat Pump Applications, including hybrid.
  4. Off-Grid Photovoltaic applications.
  5. Grid Tie Applications. (Where local authorities allow)
  6.  Solar Borehole and pressure pumps.

Basically any energy driven product these days can be converted to solar.


Although we are based in Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, we do installations all over the Western Cape.

Our main objective is to service clients in the following areas:






Beaufort west

Any request out of these areas can be done with prior arrangement.