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Specials - 2018-09-27

Buy any Airconditioner untill 12 December 2018 and you will be entered into a LUCKY DRAW to win an additional 12000BTU Airconditioner installed..For each airconditioner you buy,you will have a draw ticket each.. This competition is in Oudtshoorn only! ... more

Direct & Indirect Geysers - 2018-07-14

Direct Geysers Direct geysers are coupled directly to a collector. This means that the water that is inside the geyser is also flowing through the collector. So the transfer medium to heat up the water inside this geyser is the water itself. Normally this system is also cheaper and does not need maintenance.       ... more

Thermosyphon & Pumped - 2018-07-14

Thermosyphon   There are two methods of installing Solar Geysers. You can install them on top of the roof or if you don't want that install them anywhere else. If you install it on top of the roof with solar panels it is called a Thermosyphon System. Because hot water is lighter than cold water the heat will be transferred from th... more

Solar Electricity - 2018-07-14

  Solar power works well for most items except large electric appliances that use an electric heat element such as a water heater, clothes dryer and electric stove. It is not cost effective to use solar power for these items. Conversion to natural gas, propane or other alternatives is usually recommended.     The basi... more

Heat Pumps - 2018-07-14

Heat pumps are ideal for water heating application such as domestic hot water or Jacuzzis & Swimming pools due to their high efficiencies. Due to their operation principle, you gain up to 4 x as much heating as the actual electrical energy used. This is referred to as the COP and is due to the fact that the warm ambient air is used to heat a... more

Air-Conditioning - 2018-07-14

Specialising in room and commercial air-conditioning, Solarcon has a tailor-made solution to suit your requirements. Our extensive range of split units includes Midwalls, Cassettes, Floor / Ceilings and Hideaways. We specialize in Eco Aire, Carrier, Samsung, LG and various other makes of air-conditioners   Keeping up with the latest t... more

Understanding Solar Water Heating - 2018-07-13

Understanding Solar water Heating is important if you require a quote. Yes, I wrote it correct and you will think it is our responsibility to advise you on correct system. This is where the problem occurs. During the past few years and especially with Eskom Rebates people imported Substandard Solar Geysers, sold them very cheap to clients and th... more